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"Other" ?

  • LiradeTerpsichore by LiradeTerpsichore

    Is it correct to choose "other", because of the overlapping star ?


  • Budgieye by Budgieye moderator

    No, don't use "other" for foreground stars in the way. 😃 One in ten galaxies would get that tag, and we would be swamped with with 100,000 "others". Just ignore them. If you think it might be a supernovae (blue-green, small, bright) then use other, or post on Talk.


  • LiradeTerpsichore by LiradeTerpsichore in response to Budgieye's comment.

    Ok. I just thought it is better to ask for sure, after having previously ignored them. 😃 Thanks, Budgieye.