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Nearly, but not quite "smooth", with a bright center

  • redtexture by redtexture

    There could be two ways to classify a number of very distant objects,
    that do not really have any features but that do a central bright spot that is not quite a "bulge"

    My first choice is indicating that the object has a feature
    (but indicate that the only feature is an obvious center, and nothing else).

    And the second choice, as "smooth", and ignore the bright center.

    I have chosen the first, on these occasions. Is that the appropriate evaluation to make?


  • ElisabethB by ElisabethB moderator

    Hi redtexture,

    The only "feature" that ellipticals can have is a bright centre. But even so, bright centres in these fuzzy images are most often that not a sign that it is probably not an elliptical. This one is probably a fuzzy spiral. But feel free to classify it as yousee it ! 😄

    Happy hunting !