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  • DuskyStarGayza by DuskyStarGayza

    This one has my poor brain badly confused. There is a very vague middle and one what kind of appears to be the start of a spiral but in amongst this there is a red star?? Not really sure what that is, due to where it is placed, and then the other arm is just kind of straight. It kind of looks like and upside down question mark which is quite appropriate!!!!


  • zoob1172 by zoob1172

    #spiral 3M #starburst MTG and another at the same red shift SE 1237651252023853214 same epoch but different morphology


  • Budgieye by Budgieye moderator

    I would classify as features, edge-on, disturbed/ Ignore the red star, it is in the foreground and isn't affecting anything.