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Three Stars?

  • DuskyStarGayza by DuskyStarGayza

    I really am struggling here, this would be a disk with a reasonably obvious middle to it, However I am thrown by the 2 stars, 1 blue one sort of pink at the bottom of the image. I had a look through the examples and I couldn't find anything similar, but I guess that could be me messing up cos I have new glasses and I am just getting used to them. So could someone let me know how to classify this as I am getting splinters in my fingers as I am getting down to the wood in my brain !!!


  • Budgieye by Budgieye moderator

    These are foreground stars which are in our own galaxy, As for classification, there is no correct answer. For me, I was say smooth and inbetween. But that is just me.


  • zoob1172 by zoob1172

    Simulated galaxy from Illustris the site has information about the project