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  • humberto_maciel by humberto_maciel

    There's a gravitational lens? - look at the left-bottom of the core.


  • Capella05 by Capella05 moderator in response to humberto_maciel's comment.

    Hi 😃

    Is the object you are referring to in the lower left quadrant of the galaxy about a cm out from the core? I don't think that is a gravitational lens as there are no counter lenses. Also, it is very liner - no arcing, and the colour is not what i would expect. I will admit it made me take a second and third look 😃

    Happy hunting.



  • humberto_maciel by humberto_maciel in response to Capella05's comment.

    I'm refering to both objects. I thought it could be lensed far objects. But... The hunt continues =)