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Irregular Blue Pattern

  • DuskyStarGayza by DuskyStarGayza

    I am pretty sure I have classified this right, but what I don't know is what causes the blue trail ie:- the rectangle in the centre and the trails coming off at the bottom on both sides. I do like it though, it looks rather pretty!!!


  • vrooje by vrooje admin, scientist

    The blue bits represent regions where star formation is actively occurring. This is a galaxy simulated by the Illustris project and the rectangular shape (which does look a bit odd) sometimes happens in the simulations! 😃 It seems to be less common, but not unheard of, in real galaxies.


  • Budgieye by Budgieye moderator

    This is difficult to classify. It is a simulation, and the blue spiral arms are represented in a simple way by blue blobs.

    llustris Sept 2015 (classifying simulated galaxies

    “Blue stuff” in the Illustris galaxy images