Galaxy Zoo Talk


  • Cappateige by Cappateige

    I see quite a number of these amorphous object. Are they galaxies, maybe young galaxies


  • zoob1172 by zoob1172

    Many GAMMA colorized objects are high red shift and cannot be made less "amorphous" but others are better than the SDSS images. The bluer objects tend to have star forming activity but they are not necessarily "young" galaxies.


  • Budgieye by Budgieye moderator

    Some galaxies are amorphous, especially if they have just had a merger or a collision. It make take a while for the galaxy to form spiral arms. Or perhaps it will become an elliptical. The science of galaxy formation is still being developed.

    It is difficult to define "young" in galaxies. If two ellipticals made of old red stars collide, they can form blue stars and become "young" again.