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Which one do you grade in a cluster like this?

  • kpsalmi by kpsalmi

    Sorry if this Seems like a stupid question, but I feel a bit stymied by the confusing nature of the image.

    I have, as a rule, concentrated on the biggest on the central-most object in the image. Now, while beautiful, I find the image extraordinarly difficult to classify.

    Any pointers on how to work with an image such as this one? O do realise I'm propably getting stuck in irrelevant detail. However, I would like to be able to do my little bit correctly.

    Thanks in advance,




    This is the classification target Use your tools by clicking "Galaxy Zoo examine" to find the target.


  • Ghost_Sheep_SWR by Ghost_Sheep_SWR

    You can't get to 'examine' after the classification though, so that doesn't help for classifications.

    But I have to agree, this one is really difficult to know which is the target just by looking at it. So a bit of a wrong zoom factor I'd say.

    But one way to know for sure is if you draw two imaginary lines from the corners of the image to the opposite corners. The target galaxy should be exactly where they cross. Can also use something like a sheet of paper to make these lines, although it's a bit of a subject image gone wrong.

    Hope this helps 😃


  • ElisabethB by ElisabethB moderator

    Hi kpsalmi and welcome to the Zoo,

    As GSS says, you have to classify the galaxy in the centre of the image and for these difficult cases I have a super state of the art tool ! Namely a piece of paper that I can fold in half both horizontally and vertically and that will point me to the exact centre of the image ! ;D

    Anyway the central galaxy is obviously merging with a number of other galaxies. So the ultimate classification would always have been : merger !

    Hope this helps and happy hunting !