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How to classify this?

  • atheist4thecause by atheist4thecause

    Is this just a round smooth galaxy with an artifact, or is it more interesting than that?


  • hughdickinson by hughdickinson scientist

    Hi there! I had a quick look on NED it is indeed a smooth galaxy. It's the one in the centre of the image below.

    Image of the galaxy (NGC 7554) from NED.

    If by "artifact" you mean the haze on the right, that is light from another nearby galaxy in the telescope field of view, so it might be better described as contamination, but that's just me being pedantic, so don't worry!

    Just in case you weren't aware, following the Galaxy Zoo examine link on the talk boards can lead you to a load of resources that will help you understand what you just classified. That's how I found the NED link.