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Quasar or Starforming?

  • bluemagi by bluemagi

    Hi, Have a problem with this one. The SDSS says its a starforming galaxy and Simbad is telling me its a Quasar. Also to through into the mix there is a #pea at 2:00 its the pink-purple galaxy.


  • Budgieye by Budgieye moderator

    SIMBAD has a reference which is about finding quasars using software, but I haven't gone into it to see if this galaxy is a discard. The spectal chart is so obviously not a quasar.

    SIMBAD specializes in stars, so I would listen to SDSS and NED.

    NED and SIMBAD are both compilations of data from astronomers
    everywhere, and sometimes they may have ingested different data sets
    or taken the default values differently. Originally, NED concentrated
    on galaxies and SIMBAD on stars, but they've mingled DNA and shared
    data a lot. But when in doubt, one should try to track down the data
    sources to resolve confusions like this.

    enter image description here

    The sample for the spectra just misses out on the blue patch, but there are oxygen peaks in the spectrum.