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Bigger Picture?

  • CyberPaddy66 by CyberPaddy66

    I am fairly sure that I should classify the small galaxy just below and to the left of the massive Red Star but it is so small I ended up guessing, I have tried downloading the pic and zooming in but as I am on smart phone (Gretel A7) and despite it being a big screen the galaxy is just too small for me to be that accurate. Is there any way to get a much bigger picture of this galaxy so that I can zoom in to the point where the red star is not visible any more, is there a tool that I have missed on here to do that?


  • ElisabethB by ElisabethB moderator


    You can zoom in on the galaxy in the centre : see here :

    But even then the glare of the big foreground star to the right will drown out any details. But just give it your best guess !

    Thanks for participating and happy hunting !


  • leeskelvin by leeskelvin scientist

    Hi CyberPaddy66,

    You can find a zoomable version of this image on the SDSS skyserver here:

    Normally, you can access this page by visiting the Galaxy Zoo examine link, then clicking the SDSS SkyServer link, and then finally clicking the image (3 clicks required!).

    When I zoom in, this looks to be a regular smooth elliptical galaxy, although it is difficult to tell with it being so close to the bloom of the nearby bright star!


  • CyberPaddy66 by CyberPaddy66

    Great information as usual ElizabethB and Leeskevin, thanks for the links they should help me get better in my classifications.