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Is that a merger in the foreground?

  • DarbaD by DarbaD

    I'm trying to get better at interpreting these. Are the objects on the bottom right merging galaxies with extremely bright centers, or something else? I know the object in the middle is the one to be classified but I'm still curious


  • Budgieye by Budgieye moderator

    Welcome DarbaD
    The one with blue swirls looke like a starforming galaxy, with an unusually bright center. The perfectly round yellowish object might be a foreground star in our galaxy, though it looks more like a galaxy in SDSS, and has a photoz of 0.15 which makes it a distant galaxy. SDSS image


  • trevor_allen_faller by trevor_allen_faller

    if you are not sure classify as "other" but the r/h one looks to have a single arm so could be single arm spiralit looks like some anti clockwise motion