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Three large galaxies too close?

  • RichardHB by RichardHB


    Three galaxies too close? Wonderful picture.

    Compact group? The position of the stars around them, looks interesting

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  • NGC3314 by NGC3314 scientist

    The two red objects are both galaxies (according to the SDSS object classification). What the RGB image doesn't have enough dynamic range to show well is that the upper-left one is much the redder of the two. It, in particular, is so red that it is almost certainly deep in the background, so much that he cosmological redshift changes the parts of the spectrum seen by standard filters and gives the deeper red color. (This would make it an overlap system).


  • Ghost_Sheep_SWR by Ghost_Sheep_SWR

    I'm not even sure it can be called RGB image; unfortunately the GAMA KiDS images are two-coloured (cyan and amber) from 2 bands, so that might explain the lack of dynamic range?