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Long galaxy

  • joseph2237 by joseph2237

    This is either a merging pair or this guy is very long


  • ElisabethB by ElisabethB moderator

    Merger for me too !


  • tennisjazz by tennisjazz

    yes, looks like two-armed spiral with lower/right arm distorted by object below which conceivably is another spiral, or highly elliptical galaxy. some other oddities as well. #merger #distortion


  • KWillett by KWillett scientist, admin, translator

    Actually, I think this is an #overlap pair; if you look at the zoomed-out SDSS image, you can see that the long arm is actually an edge-on spiral that just overlaps the face-on galaxy at the center. Beautiful!


  • zutopian by zutopian

    It isn't an overlap, but a merger, because both galaxies have close redshifts according to NED.