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Why simulation galaxies?

  • kabfab by kabfab

    Do you put these in as "baseline" to test reliability/repeatability of us al, or is there another reason?


  • Capella05 by Capella05 moderator

    Hi kabfab,

    I don't think we have met before, so welcome to the Zoo!

    To answer your question - No.

    Although sims are used on other projects - and a good example would be 'Space Warps' - to gauge the 'quality' of a volunteers classifications, no such system currently exists here on GZ. The reason why we are currently classifying simulated galaxies (amongst real ones from DECaLS) is to test that the models for galaxy formation generated by Illustris,do actually look like real galaxies!

    Models are an important part of the research that goes into Astrophysics / Cosmology - it is a way of testing / proving, theories and ideas. Unlike Biology, we have no way of creating an environment to gather the data necessary to support or refute an idea, so generating simulations is the only option after visible observation.

    I think it is awesome that Illustris are comparing the data we have previously gathered here on GZ to their sims - it shows that our classifications can be considered a baseline of sorts!

    Hope this helps,let me know if you have other questions.