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concentric rings feature

  • hpardikar by hpardikar

    The Galaxy has interesting features of alternate concentric rings bright and dark .This is an interesting formation and more photos can be taken to investigate further .
    There also seems to be gravitational lensing of pair of stars


  • JeanTate by JeanTate in response to hpardikar's comment.

    Welcome to Galaxy Zoo, hpardikar!

    The galaxy is SDSS J110335.42+032014.7 (that's just one name; it has many others) and looks like this in SDSS:

    enter image description here

    Myself, I'm not too sure how many rings there are, and how many tightly wound spiral arms; I think I can see at least one of each. Interestingly, this is one of the 153 galaxies in Keel+ (2012), "The Galaxy Zoo survey for giant AGN-ionized clouds: past and present black hole accretion events", and the first part of the Acknowledgements section reads as follows:

    This work would not have been possible without the contributions of citizen scientists as part of the Galaxy Zoo project. We
    particularly thank Hannah Hutchins, Elizabeth Baeten, Massimo
    Mezzoprete, Elizabeth Siegel, Aida Berges, and users voyager1682002 and Caro, who each examined all of the galaxies
    in the targeted AGN sample, and in addition Christian Manteuffel, for assistance in compiling the list of SDSS AGN candidates.
    We are grateful to the following additional Galaxy Zoo participants
    who contributed to the targeted AGN search: Michael Aarons, Mark
    Ackland, AdrianusV, Aerial, alexob6, Daniela Alice, Norvan Allen,
    Anderstp, AndrewM, angst, Anjinsan, ARCHEV, artemiit, aryamwojn, astrobrainiac, astronomicom1, Markku Autio, Michelle Ayers, Elisabeth Baeten, R. Balick, Michael Balzer, Michael Derek
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    mistake in calculating light-delay times and helped make the discussion more comprehensive. Jean Tate helped to untangle some
    issues of participant discovery order.

    I guess we zooites know a thing or two about this galaxy. 😉

    I can't see anything like any gravitational lensing, and stars cannot produce observable lensing in DECaLS images (the deflections would be far too small).

    Hope this helps, and happy hunting! 😃