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Unresolveable images

  • snikdekl by snikdekl

    Any chance there could be an option for "image insufficiently clear to make intelligent comments"? e.g. AGZ000dgl1


  • Budgieye by Budgieye moderator

    If classification becomes impossible as the object appears far away, classify as star/artifact. To me, this is still a galaxy, so I would say smooth, and inbetween.


  • BioMiep by BioMiep

    I'm having a problem with classifying the blobs as well. It would have actually been more helpful if they were more grainy instead of blurred. I'm not the lazy type but gosh, this is getting pretty tiedious. Still doing my best to give it some kind of classification at least. I will classify more as star/artifact now instead of refreshing to skip the truely vague ones. I'm pretty sure refresh is not preferred. 😄