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Starforming ring with 8 distinct objects forming the ring

  • KCGFinder by KCGFinder

    9 distinct objects including the red centre, a star forming ring has formed, but broken at midnight
    and 6 o clock

    This made me want to stop and ask questions, a lot
    And laugh, when I thought 'this is a full black hole, burping down the last of its meals, ready to burst and start again!'

    But what is going on here people please? at what stage is this and what is it? The dynamics of this makes it look like it will all fall apart.


  • Budgieye by Budgieye moderator

    This is a simulated galaxy from the Illustris project. The software has tried to simulate the blue galaxy arms, but it ended up as a simple ring of blue.

    llustris Sept 2015 (classifying simulated galaxies

    “Blue stuff” in the Illustris galaxy images