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Subject: AGZ0000jcy

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  • MichelleHC by MichelleHC

    Is the central (yellow-orange) object one lumpy galaxy, or several superimposed? What is the arc to the left of the bright center?


  • ElisabethB by ElisabethB moderator

    The central object here is the tiny little blob.
    The arc is precisely that: A gravitational lens


  • c_cld by c_cld

    #knownlens AGZ0000jcy AGZ0000jdk AGZ0000jfs AGZ0000jkc
    great arc imaged in other AGZ Id's
    need of a link between these objects AGZ's


  • Plenum by Plenum

    Determination of "central object" is being distracted by the object with gravitational lens, me thinks. Need better image target.