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Subject: AGZ000484u

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  • cdezelah by cdezelah

    Looking closely, I actually think that these two galaxies are interacting. If so, it's a very beautiful and interesting merger.


  • bingham by bingham

    This is linked to my previous comment - this smaller galaxy is on its way into the top arm of the larger galaxy.


  • ZooBill by ZooBill

    Looks like it could be #bar #ring #spiral #merger. It's hard to say exactly what each one was prior to this merger.


  • MikeOborn by MikeOborn

    smaller galaxy at centre of image may be infront of larger galaxy #overlap or may be in process of #merger thru ring of larger galaxy.


  • Budgieye by Budgieye moderator

    interesting! spiral probably closer, #overlap , see discussion.