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Subject: AGZ0005kde

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  • georgem571 by georgem571

    prominent #dustlane


  • juno95815 by juno95815

    #this is very interesting i marked it cigar shaped what do you guys think?


  • ElisabethB by ElisabethB moderator

    I'd go for a spiral seen almost edge on. With a lovely dust lane and a star forming area (the bright blue bob).


  • ebiran-sky by ebiran-sky

    i do agree with Elisa , to me its a spiral with one obvious arm on the top , the blue bulb and star forming was a nice observation Elisa !


  • lostlens by lostlens

    early #Spiral Sc cw dustlane ambiguous RadioS angle -40.23 & GMs ? SAB(r)bc: z = 0.028 angle -35.53 & edge-on 1237679997700800683


  • wagner.wrow by wagner.wrow

    Galaxias em S, mas no visual ela nos engana, existe uma mancha escura no centro que mostra que ela e no formato de S em vez de espiral.