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Subject: AGZ0005rs5

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  • Aprilwitch by Aprilwitch

    You don't mean the blue star from our galaxy. I don't see much interaction with the other galaxy? A nice ring on this one otherwise.


  • tatermctatums by tatermctatums

    No I wasn't refering to the foreground star. I was referring to their proximity to each other and their similar relative sizes.


  • ElisabethB by ElisabethB moderator

    No way to tell from just this pic if these galaxies are actually close together or only appear to be & no distortion to speak of.
    No merger


  • AndyAerts by AndyAerts

    Elisabeth, just a n00b question but, when are these pictures captured ? Are there new captures comming in every day? Or are this old ones?


  • Cency by Cency

    Invert this picture and it is clear there is the beginnings of a merger.


  • Bundesstefan by Bundesstefan

    #Ring galaxy with #bar. Merging with the other galaxy (not with the blue star) is possible. Tag it with #merger