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Subject: AGZ000bdin

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  • wesolek by wesolek

    #multibulge #merger #irregular #tidal obviously something is going on there!. But right in the centre this might be a star


  • zeklh by zeklh

    Strongly interacting systems.


  • Reinout by Reinout

    Indeed, star in the center, so this qualifies as an artifact? Not sure what is going on in these galaxies, very weird!


  • Xarium by Xarium

    Very weird! Maybe 5 galaxies are interacting? A star in the center of the image, or maybe a supernova... I don't know, very strange!


  • Ghost_Sheep_SWR by Ghost_Sheep_SWR

    According to SDSS its 2 galaxies with 4 overlapping stars, wouldn't explain the tidal debris. Can SDSS /PhotoZ be that wrong on all objects?


  • Pythagora by Pythagora

    Could that be a quasar orchestrating this elegant ballet? Even if it's a star, could it be acting on the light (from 'behind')?


  • ElisabethB by ElisabethB moderator

    The two bright white objects are foreground stars from our galaxy. And it looks like the galaxies in the background are interacting.


  • Cindysim by Cindysim

    Large group of interacting galaxies with some foreground stars.