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Subject: AGZ000drog

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  • alex_nnn by alex_nnn

    MGC 96420 -- Galaxy in the center, 6dFGS gJ120724.8-000930 - spiral galaxy to the left


  • bluemagi by bluemagi

    Its part of the bigger galaxy. Its got starformation in it so I guess you would call it its own galaxy.


  • CeciliaB by CeciliaB

    The galaxy in the center has no connection with the big one to the left. The two redshifts are quite different.


  • Mulder25 by Mulder25

    great composition but no idea what it is, dust with supernova? and spiral galaxy


  • Budgieye by Budgieye moderator

    The target to classify is the small irregular galaxy in the middle. Ignore the barred galaxy on the left, and the foreground star above.