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  • Subject AGZ000asx8

    #spiral w/ oddly elongated disc, nice #BigSpur @ 3:00, hints of extra color at edges, #elbows in each of 3 arms, slight bar

  • Subject AGZ000arq9

    large plain white galaxy merging w/ small PWG w/ big spur or arm forming between them, red object at 2:00

  • Subject AGZ000arvo

    #BigSpur either spiral is forming or pair of blue dwarfs/clusters is drawing piece of disc to them, possible bar emerging at core #bluish

  • Subject AGZ000awok

    flattened, somewhat irregular blue-gray edge-on disc(?) w/ no distinct core and curvy shape somewhat #whispy

  • Subject AGZ000888l

    why #unique simulations? bizarre central arc/lens, doubtful bar w/o other features, #golden

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