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  • Subject AGZ00004d9

    I figured this was a star or artifact due to its strange colouring, but just wanted confirmation?

  • Subject AGZ0005sdv

    Would you say that the bright blue feature was an overlapping star closer to us or something interesting within the galaxy spiral?

  • Subject AGZ0004mnj

    This is a very striking galaxy but the image is cut off - it is in the centre of the frame but you can only see the top half! Any reason?

  • Subject AGZ0004s95

    What could be causing the bluish blooms in the upper spiral arm? Could it be new star formation or just some kind of artifact?

  • Subject AGZ0003ygq

    Certainly looks like the two larger galaxies are colliding. The rest might just be overlaps (maybe foreground stars?) But still a great find

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