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  • Subject AGZ000dy90

    #LKeese2017GZ There are a number of possible Satellites. The bulge seems to be warped possibly or behind the Galaxy.

  • Subject AGZ000e48s

    #LKeese2017GZ There appears to be arms extending above and below the main Galaxy @ 45 deg.. There is a rounded feature from 12: to 6:00?

  • Subject AGZ000e2kw

    #LKeese2017GZ More satellites around the main. The spirals and dust lanes showing. There appears to be possibly 5 Satellites.

  • Subject AGZ000e357

    #LKeese2017GZ Beside the Galaxy at 2:00, 7:00, and 9:00 are
    satellites of the main. The right spiral appears in 3rd dimension, above it.

  • Subject AGZ000dwub

    #LKeese2017GZ The 2 large Galaxies merging are joined by something at 9:00 and perhaps 5:00. Not been trained in this level of analysis.

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