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  • Subject AGZ0006v8m

    Could this be two galaxies about to begin merging, or are these just blue stars and a lot of glare?

  • Subject AGZ00035u6

    There is a bright red object near the edge of the galaxy. It's too fuzzy to tell whether this object is in or occluding the galaxy.

  • Subject AGZ00009ue

    Possibly 2 colliding galaxies, 1 with dust trail pointing to other, 1 with trail pointing laterally. Could be 3rd, larger 1 at image edge.

  • Subject AGZ00077k5

    At the bottom of the image, near the left edge, is a bright blue galalaxy which looks like a ring galaxy.

  • Subject AGZ0007q3f

    In the lower left quadrant, there's a short line that may be an arm spur, but it doesn't seem to be connected to the main arms.

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