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  • Subject AGZ000ekh1

    Good find! Checking back, it was in the 2013 catalog, but the KIDS data show clear dust lanes not seen in SDSS images.

  • Subject AGZ000dyl6

    A fast way to tell whether something was transient is checking KIDS, GAMA, and SDSS from Examine; these data sets were taken years apart.

  • Subject AGZ000d5sc

    The number of times I've been fooled by a bogus dark JPEG ring around one galaxy in a pair... (Can always check the FITS file to be sure).

  • Subject AGZ000e2pw

    Structure clearer in IR data than SDSS. Lack of major disruption may imply 2nd galaxy is unrelated overlap.

  • Subject AGZ000e1j1

    Could also be #polarring system, since the vertical ring is bluer than the "main body" of the system (which is common for polar rings).

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