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  • Subject AGZ0005a4c

    Speculation on what I'm seeing, here? Past galaxy collision, impending merger, or a two-arm spiral and another galaxy viewed on-edge?

  • Subject AGZ0001ls8

    Beautiful, but mysterious. Trying to come up with a classification for this was hard. What would be some guesses?

  • Subject AGZ000184z

    How in the world would one classify something like this? Artifact? Clumpy galaxy? Or only concentrate on the center object?

  • Subject AGZ0001lfl

    I was torn between a smooth, cigar shaped galaxy or an edge-on disk. Opted for disk. How does this look to someone else's eyes?

  • Subject AGZ000225z

    Gosh, if only this was a complete image it looks like it'd be a dazzler.

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