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  • Subject AGZ000d0wi

    Quite a gravity battle going on! The edge-on gxy doesn't seem that disturbed, but there's a lot of debris; the other gxy is distorted.

  • Subject AGZ000cty1

    Never seen anything quite like this. Maybe the photographic color is off? Huge RED ring around bright inner ring & core. A failed spiral?

  • Subject AGZ0009fnr

    What a spectacular object! A galaxy with a bar trying to become a spiral? It has a slight wiggle - and disturbance.

  • Subject AGZ000ctro

    What is the oval ring of blue balls? It's awfully symmetrical for an overlap. Some unknown kind of lens? An alien messaging structure?

  • Subject AGZ000d1u8

    Hard to figure how this came about. Unusual. A ring in early state of formation? No bar. Inner area cleared out but for dust. Spiral.

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