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  • Subject AGZ000czdw

    This galaxy appears to be interacting gravitationally with another galaxy, given the faint, extended arms, and a nearby galaxy.

  • Subject AGZ000awg0

    and to my layman brain, it should have existed in similar conditions (temperature, density) to those that galaxies near us exist in.

  • Subject AGZ000awg0

    The observed redshift corresponds to a distance of about 2 billion light years,so cosmologically, it is not that old,

  • Subject AGZ000awg0

    The questions is Where did the gas come from? If it is indeed a young elliptical galaxy, then it could not have formedviastructuralformation

  • Subject AGZ000awg0

    Uncentered bulge and a spectrum that suggests rapid star formation suggests that this may be a young elliptical galaxy, similar to ngc1510.

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