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  • Subject AGZ0002l5y

    Looks to me like the halo's the spiral arms of a distant galaxy, while the foreground object is a dust cloud lit by the star at the bottom.

  • Subject AGZ0004n2j

    BG object.. I wouldn't think a jet could be that bright unless it were pointing right at us, in which case you wouldn't see its length.

  • Subject AGZ0000zlv

    It looks to me like an edge-on view of a SMBH munchin' on a star. #AGN

  • Subject AGZ00056xk

    I'd say that the one on the right is a foreground star, but not the bottom object.

  • Subject AGZ0002k8v

    What's this? Do colors represent energy emitted? If so, I guess the spot could be a quasar (or maybe a blazar?). It looks like a gobstopper!

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