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  • Subject AGZ0008b74

    Possibly 2 galaxies in close proximity(at ~ 120 degree angle). Each has ~ 4 diffuse but discrete bluish areas and all are of ~ equal size.

  • Subject AGZ0008cqx

    Appears to be a bluish colored mass obscured by a dust cloud. Could this be two colliding galaxies with tidal debris ejecting on the right

  • Subject AGZ000ax2u

    There appears to be tidal debris emerging from the upper left hand side of the almost edge-on disc of what is possibly a spiral galaxy.

  • Subject AGZ0008aea

    Appears to be a brownish colored dust cloud covering the central portion of an edge-on galaxy having a distinctive bluish coloration.

  • Subject AGZ0008coy

    Appears to be an irregular shaped brownish colored dust cloud overlaying a larger diffuse bluish colored dust cloud.

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