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  • Subject AGZ00062xl

    Astronomers take notice! (ATN)Perfecty symm. across a vert plane! Nucleus, bar, circular feature ("ring") w/diffuse light, out: normal stuff

  • Subject AGZ0002j2u

    ATN: Barred Globular Cluster!!!

  • Subject AGZ0005gmp

    ATN!! Extremely unusual galaxy -- two sets of arm parallel above and below galactic plane!! Prob interact. w/ adjacent gal about 2 dia apart

  • Subject AGZ0005gmo

    ATN: Astronomers take note!! Adjacent galaxy has sets of arms out of galactic plane!!! Never seen this before. Looks like galax. interact.

  • Subject AGZ000225z

    Object appeaars to be a star. Image in frame is the jewel, dark clouds on luminosity over the entire (truncated) frame, proably nova remnant

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