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  • Subject AGZ0005l9t

    I like this galaxy. Don't know why I just do. Where is the star forming region?

  • Subject AGZ000509y

    Nice galaxy. I get so many that are not galaxies it's nice to get one that is so well defined. And another close to it, possibly a merger.

  • Subject AGZ00059z8

    I need help with this one. To me it's obviously a galaxy but a very weak one or is it just too far away? I'd like to know if this ever gets

  • Subject AGZ0001t1t

    Obviosly a galaxy but what's the influence of the huge star or galaxy right on top of it? Plus many more around it. Could be a bar in it too

  • Subject AGZ00016nk

    Seems to have another large companion star. One that is possibly influencing the gravitational field. Needs more work.

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