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  • Subject AGZ000czwi

    Oops, the "aka" foreground object is actually as the child of parent object as per SDSS. u-r=-0.34. (😮) Still #irregular.

  • Subject AGZ000czwi

    Classified #irregular with #starburst. That blue spot considered a foreground object.

  • Subject AGZ000d27f

    SDSS u-r=2.61. Guess just a good old #elliptical. Wanted to classify it as elliptical except for that prominent central bulge.

  • Subject AGZ000d27f

    #Barred #Edgeon #Spiral.

  • Subject AGZ000d0e1

    SDSS u-r=2.15. It's a #spiral? 😮 Yet the brightest area is so far off that It definite looks no #spiral. Bet on #irregular.

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