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  • Subject AGZ00061ix

    Unsure as to how to classify, #tight #spiral, I believe. But are these #mergers or just galaxies that are sepersted and overlapped.

  • Subject AGZ0005n6z

    This is a #bared #spiral, but is there a #lens effect occurring. The object at 12:00 and the one at 5:00 seem to be mirror images?

  • Subject AGZ0002l5y

    I believe the #blue halo is an area of new star formation.

  • Subject AGZ00042pa

    The beam is a #star #artifact from an adjacent #star. the center object is a #disc #galaxy #oval.

  • Subject AGZ00042pa

    Wow real cool. Click on the "Galaxy Zoo Examine", then on the right, click on "View on SkyServer". A whole new site I new nothing of.

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