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  • Subject AGZ0004txk

    Does this have 2 centers, like a binary cluster? Is it a merger? Fascinating!

  • Subject AGZ0004eop

    Is it a star or a galaxy? Is it a merger of 2 galaxies?

  • Subject AGZ0001ac6

    IS this a star next to 2 others? Or a galaxy near 2 others? Is it close or very far away? Don't know, so I marked as a galaxy just in case.

  • Subject AGZ0004bq7

    Strange black or dark line running across upper right near edge; looks like it is coming from the galaxy or star (black hole?) above it.

  • Subject AGZ0001esz

    Is it a galaxy w/ a huge central cluster or 1 gigantic star? Is it merging w/ another like it? Or 2 stars behind/before 2 large galaxies?

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