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  • Subject AGZ0001sgo

    Looks like a start of a merger of 2 elip. gal.and I notice a bridge of matter extending from the top gal. to the bottom one.Your thoughts?

  • Subject AGZ000556e

    Looks like a merger of 2 galaxies. PS: I really love this site!!!!

  • Subject AGZ0001rp2

    looks like a barred spiral.

  • Subject AGZ0003yty

    This gal. appears edge on and yet, no prom. central core or young spiral arms. It looks as if it was a spiral that lost its core. Explain?

  • Subject AGZ00056mf

    I see a bridge of matter from the core extending out to the spiral arm at approx. 5:30 as the clock or approx 175 deg. Anyone else see this?

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