Galaxy Zoo Talk


  • Ainundil by Ainundil

    would be nice to have these options:
    1 - difference between merge and superposition - Is it important?
    2 - next button or panic button ( when we do not know which or how to classify low resolution images or multiple objects)
    3 - or indicate whether the image has good or bad resolution -there is much difference between a low-resolution spot and an elliptical galaxy - is a way to say how safe or accurate is our classification.


  • davidrobertson by davidrobertson

    I recently started to help with classification.
    I like the quizzes to help learn about stars and galaxies. Could these be extended please. Some more information about the role of dark matter in galactic collisions would also be interesting.
    What would really be helpful in the classification would be a set of training objects where any mistakes being made in the process could be corrected. I found some of the descriptions of what is wanted rather imprecise and ambiguous, for example is a smooth object to include a visible central brightness increase? Is it smooth in the angular direction that is what is wanted? Should we distinguish no central nucleus from its existence. Training objects would make all this clear.


  • Skianos by Skianos

    Ok, the quizes help you, but why are we not able to say which answers would be right? At the moment we learn nothing new, but probably will answer something false.