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Lack of example images upfront

  • Lynn_S. by Lynn_S.

    I find the intial instructions as set up now are inadequate for a non-astronomer. Each item searched for should be displayed on the start page with a full array of samples to give an idea of the variations that are acceptable under each classification. Please don't assume we are familiar with the minor aspects allowed in each category. For a novice contributor unfamiliar with astronomical images, the absence of examples creates an unnecessary point of confusion. Couldn't you provide an array of examples for each category upfront?


  • KWillett by KWillett scientist, admin, translator

    Hi Lynn,

    If you click on the "Help" button (in the upper right) when classifying a galaxy, you'll be shown several examples with real images of the types of features you're looking for. You can do this for each and every classification question.


  • zutopian by zutopian

    Besides there is the topic New to Galaxy Zoo? Want Help? Read this!. It is featured on the front page of Talk.:
    It is a kind of tutorial, which was created by science team member vrooje.
    She remarked "Tutorial We're currently updating the extended tutorial, so watch this space -- in the meantime I hope the information below will do.".Though it was posted 7 months ago, there is however no new tutorial available, as far as I know.


  • vrooje by vrooje admin, scientist

    Good point, @zutopian - in that case I was referring to a tutorial on how to use Talk, but it's certainly time for that (we have definitely been working on it). And, as Lynn points out, maybe we can figure out a way to make the Help button more obvious for first-time users!



  • zutopian by zutopian in response to vrooje's comment.

    7 months ago we were using the old Talk version and there was a "How to use Talk"-Tutorial, but the updated Talk version hasn't such a tutorial. I guess, there was a link to the "How to use Talk" Tutorial below your comment " in the meantime I hope the information below will do.". I guess, that the link was deleted and now it seems, as if you mean, that there will be a new "How to classify" Tutorial.
    You might want to post a link on the classification page to the Talk topic "New to Galaxy Zoo? Want Help? Read this!.

    PS: I edited my post.