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CANDELS galaxy images

  • haru3173 by haru3173

    How do galaxy zoo get those galaxy cutouts? Does anyone know where I can get them. I specifically need the ones from the CANDELS project. Any help is greatly appreciated.


  • vrooje by vrooje admin, scientist


    First off, welcome to Talk. ūüėÉ

    Second, do you specifically want the cutouts used in Galaxy Zoo, or do you need the CANDELS data itself?

    The latest CANDELS data releases are at and you can download the full image mosaics from there. In some cases there might even be a more recent version available than what Galaxy Zoo uses.

    If you want the individual GZ galaxy cutouts, best to e-mail a member of the science team (e.g., me -- try brooke at zooniverse 
    dot org) and let us know exactly what you need.