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Edgeon no bulge wrong example?

  • Sirritanga by Sirritanga

    Classifying --> Does the galaxy have a bulge at its centre? --> Examples

    The second no bulge example galaxy has a small rounded bulge, you can see it as a bright dot in the small example image and you see it also in the bigger format when you slightliy dim the image (tilt you laptop screen). Or why shall such glaxies be classified as no bulge anyway?


  • ElisabethB by ElisabethB moderator

    Hi Sirritanga and welcome to the Zoo

    I agree you could argue for a slight bulge in that example, but on the other hand I can imagine lots of people clicking no bulge for that one. In a lot of the images the classifications are open for interpretation and that is a good thing. If there are a lot of conflicting classifications the scientists will know this is an interesting one ! 😄

    happy hunting !